Tips to Help You Extend the Lifespan of Your Organic Latex Mattress


Latex mattresses are becoming a very popular choice in Sacramento and the rest of the United States. This is especially true for organic variants—but why are they so popular? It’s mostly thanks to the fantastic back support it offers, it resists dust mites, and the fact that a quality organic latex mattress can easily last up to twenty years. That’s double the lifespan of a regular mattress!

Naturally, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your new organic latex mattress lasts as long as possible. To do that, you’ll need to make sure you are taking care of it properly. Despite the mattress’ natural resiliency, failing to care for your new purchase will shorten its lifespan. Fortunately, taking care of an organic latex mattress is fairly simple. Follow these tips to help you enjoy the comfort of your new organic latex mattress for the years to come. Read more from this blog:


Mythbusters: Why You Should Consider Buying an Organic Latex Mattress


If you are in the market for a new mattress, chances are you have hear of latex mattresses, which are one of the most popular options in the mattress industry. During your research, however, you may have heard several myths surrounding latex mattresses that may dissuade you from giving this type of mattress a chance.

Fortunately, these myths are exactly that: myths. Don’t let these myths dissuade you from trying out what could be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made. Here are some of the more common myths out there and why you shouldn’t believe them. Read more from this article:

Reasons That Will Convince You to Invest in an Organic Latex Mattress


There’s a reason why organic latex mattress has become so popular in the last several years. As folks turn to more environment-friendly options, whether in food, products, or even lifestyle, having the word “organic” does tend to increase the appeal of any retail goods or service. But what is an organic latex mattress exactly, and what are the benefits that you should look forward to from it?

What is Latex Mattress?

Technically speaking, latex mattress is a mattress made out of rubber, which can be either natural or synthetic (man-made). Organic latex, therefore, is a naturally occurring element in rubber trees. Read more from this blog:

Some of the Major Benefits of Upgrading to an Organic Latex Mattress


Organic latex mattresses are a very popular type of bed today for a variety of reasons. People are looking for the most convenient and cost-efficient solution to get quality sleep and are exploring new options in bedding.

What is it?

An organic latex mattress is a type of mattress made out of the natural latex that comes from the rubber tree. It then undergoes a process to form the mattress. Some “natural” latex mattresses, however, do contain some synthetic material; it all will depend on the method that was used for its processing.

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Top 4 Health Benefits of Getting Quality Sleep (Get an Organic Latex Mattress)


Humans are the only mammal species that willingly delays sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. All other living things don’t resist their feeling of sleepiness simply because they understand how badly that can affect their health. It seems as if humans are constantly distracted by the many offerings of life that they tend to neglect things that are truly important, such as sleep. Here are some facts about sleeping that will convince you to spend more time in bed from now on.

Keeps You in Shape . . . Literally

A lot of people believe that too much sleep will make them fat (perhaps because sleeping is often associated with being a couch potato). Well, the facts are saying otherwise. Studies show that short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. However, this is not to say that sleeping will cause you to slim down or burn fat but instead getting quality sleep helps regulate the production of hormones responsible for normalizing fat growth. Read more from this article:

Getting the Good Sleep You Deserve with an Organic Latex Mattress


Having a comfortable bed is not the only thing that makes the bed a good one. Overall durability and safety are important elements to consider as well. While there are many different types of mattresses available, there is one that is really gaining in popularity: an organic mattress.

The popularity of this type of mattress is certainly helped by positive associations that organic is good – in food, materials, and more. The perception is that if it is organic, it’s not only environment-friendly but also a lot safer for consumer health. It’s a sensible conclusion too especially because this type of mattresses are made of mostly, if not entirely, natural materials.


The great thing about organic mattresses is that they are free from harmful chemicals and materials, like petroleum-based nylon, polyester, flame retardants, and melamine, among many others. These chemicals can cause physical arm to people over time. Read more from this article:

5 Reasons Not to Believe the Myth that an Organic Latex Mattress Sleeps Hot


In terms of mattress comfort, heat retention is probably the last thing on the average buyer’s mind. Just like firmness and support, however, temperature regulation has a rather large influence on the quality of your sleep. According to sleep product research organization, Sleep Like the Dead, about 8 percent of people report that their mattress retains a significant amount of heat. Unfortunately, many also believe that latex mattresses in particular are not ideal for hot sleepers. In truth, an organic latex mattress is the least likely to feel hot as you sleep, and here are five reasons why.

Natural Components

People who complain about excessive heat retention probably don’t have authentic natural or organic mattresses. Since synthetic and hybrid mattresses are not made with purely natural materials, they don’t benefit from the open-cell structure true latex mattresses are known for. As a result the mattress just traps the sleeper’s body heat because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Better Airflow

The unique structure of the organic latex mattress allow for better airflow and circulation. Pinholes all over the mattress allow it to “breathe,” so to speak. Cool air goes in just as the hot air is expelled, providing you with a cooler surface to sleep on. In fact, the more you move in your sleep, the cooler you may feel as the air also moves through the pinholes. Read more from this article: