Three Signs a New Memory Foam Mattress May Be the Best Fit for You


Getting a good night’s rest every night is vital to your long-term health. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, there is a good chance that changing to a new mattress will help you sleep better.

Unfortunately, many people find shopping for a new mattress to be a complicated process due to the staggering number of available options in mattress stores. The key to finding the right mattress, however, is narrowing down you choices. For example, if you know that a memory foam mattresswould work best for you, then you can limit your search to just memory foam instead of trying out different types of mattresses. With that in mind, here are a few signs that point towards a memory foam mattress being the best fit for you.

You Tend to Feel Cold as The Night Wears On

Sleep temperature, or the temperature that your body regulates itself as you sleep, plays a vital role in helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. If you notice that you often wake up in the middle the night because you feel too cold, a memory foam mattress may be just what you need. The material used to manufacture memory foam mattresses is known to help retain the heat your body radiates while sleeping, helping you stay warm at night and get a full night of rest. This natural characteristic of memory foam also means you can skip using an electric blanket. Read more from this article:


Features that Make Memory Foam Mattress Special


The memory foam mattress has become one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market today. It has come a long way from its origins of being made for NASA to deflect the tremendous effects of gravitational pull on astronauts during take-off, to becoming the material in bed you’re sleeping on in your home. This has become the mattress type of choice for many families, and for many good reasons.


Do you wake up with an aching neck or back? This can be caused from unknowingly sleeping in an uncomfortable position. It can also be caused by sleeping on a bed that is too hard. A memory foam bed remedies this by adjusting to your body’s shape, not the other way around. By doing this it provides relief to pressure points. Replacing your traditional bed with a memory foam mattress can keep body pain at bay. Read more from this article: Read more from this article:



There are a lot of great mattress options available today. But in terms of durability and comfort, it’s hard to match a memory foam mattress. It will provide a great night of sleep as long as you assess the following features when buying.


As the name implies, memory foam mattresses are made of foam. However, there are several different types of foam materials you can select from. Two of the most common are traditional foam and gel foam. The former option supports the body using a soft cradle, helping reduce pressure on joints and improving overall circulation.

Gel foam contains the same materials you’d expect to find in gel inserts that go directly into shoes. They are designed to soothe aches and pains felt in the body. Gel foam mattresses are a great option for those experiencing sore muscles, body stress, and chronic pain. Read more from this blog.

Combat Stress and Sleep Better with Help from a Memory Foam Mattress

The Memory Foam Mattress: Keeping You Well-Rested and Stress-Free


Some ways to help you doze of better include: not taking in any alcohol or caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, and establishing a regular time for tucking yourself in. Try to switch off electronic gadgets like the TV, laptop, or mobile phone 30 minutes before your scheduled bed time.

Besides adapting better sleep habits at home, you can find a smart solution by improving the quality of your mattress. Consider a memory foam mattress that offers medium-firm support to keep you comfortable and to alleviate any pressure from your back or joints. You will find that this mattress also maintains your body at the right temperatures, helping you to feel more rested for longer. Should you need more info about memory foam and other sleep options, consult with mattress experts today. Read more from this blog.

Important Details to Know Before Getting Your Memory Foam Mattress


Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in being able to function throughout the rest of the day. What should be a time for recharging, however, sometimes end up being a source for soreness and other discomforts.

A major contributor for the quality of your sleep is your mattress. If it’s too lumpy, springy, or just plain old and moldy, it will be difficult for you to get the shuteye that you need to get fully recharged. Here are some tips you should consider.

Health-Friendly Materials

A good quality mattress not only affects your health by way of making it comfortable for you to get enough sleep, but also through the materials used for it as well. If you’re getting a memory foam mattress, for example, it is ideal to get one that is certified made without materials like mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

You may also want to ensure that it is made without any CFCs, formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful ingredients that could cause health problems due to prolonged exposure. The blog article originally appeared on blog page.

CertiPUR-US® Certified Memory Foam Mattresses Can Provide Better Sleep



Originally designed for NASA airplane seats, memory foams are now being used by millions of people worldwide, especially those in need of a good night’s sleep.

In a nutshell, memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure and evenly distributes your body weight. This property of a memory foam mattress makes it ideal for sleeping, yet it could also be one of its biggest disadvantage.

The Trouble with Offgassing

You might smell a particularly chemical-based odor as you bring home a new memory foam mattress. That’s because memory foam can produce an odd chemical smell, an event commonly called offgassing. This is because many memory foam mattresses contain numerous chemicals, like flame retardants, heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Read more from this blog: