Three Essential Mattress Care Accessories to Get at a Local Mattress Sale


Experts recommend replacing your mattress every 5 to 7 years, but a high quality product can last 10 years or more, especially if you take proper care for it. Aside from following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and other simple maintenance steps, you should think about investing in a few accessories that can help extend the lifespan of your mattress. The next time you head to a local mattress sale in the Sacramento area (or anywhere else), keep an eye out for these products. Splurging a little on them now can save you a lot in the long run.

Mattress Protectors

Your fitted linens and sheets don’t provide sufficient protection for your mattress, especially when it comes to spills. Skin oils, sweat, beverages and basically any liquid that soaks into the mattress can increase the risk of mold or mildew growth. Even worse, you may not notice an infestation until it has already taken a toll on your health. A mattress protector acts as a protective barrier to keep spills out of your mattress and easy to clean up. It also helps in guarding against dust, debris, dirt, oils, hair, skin cells, crumbs from food, and allergens. Just like linens, however, mattress protectors also need the occasional washing for it to do their job right. Read more from this article:


A Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Mattress from Mattress Sale in a Trusted Store in Sacramento


Finding a new mattress can take time and effort. Choosing a mattress that is comfortable and offers enough back support is crucial in getting a good night’s sleep. When looking for a mattress that is perfect for you, make sure to seek mattress sale from a trusted store in Sacramento. Don’t settle for anything less than a mattress that you’ll love lying on. Following are the features you need to look for in your new mattress.


The first step to buying a new mattress is to find out how comfortable it is. Each person has a unique preference for a mattress, particularly when judging its comfort. Some prefer a firmer mattress, while others want theirs to have more give. Don’t be easily deceived by the mattress’ appearance. It’s a good idea to sit down on it first for at least ten minutes or even lie down if you will. See how it supports you. You should feel a comfortable support that won’t sink as you lean back. Read more from this article:



The quality of your mattress determines how well you sleep. Mattresses too firm or too soft, for example, could mean waking up with neck and back problems. Keep these aches and pains at bay by selecting the right mattress from the very start.


Mattress shopping isn’t what it used to be. Now, there are many different types to select from. Two of the most common include memory foam and innerspring mattresses, with each having their own distinct advantages.

Featuring mostly polyurethane, memory foam mattresses soften as you lay down. They conform around your body, making them a great option no matter how big or small you are. Originally, memory foam technology was used by NASA and was intended to cushion and deflect the effects of gravitational pull found in space. Now, this technology is used in mattresses to support the neck and spine, relieve pain, and reduce motion. They are recommended by a lot of doctors today. Read more from this blog.

A Couple’s Complete Guide to Shopping Together at Mattress Stores


The right mattress is a deeply personal choice. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to the mattress’ firmness and the material used.

As one might expect, the decision becomes even more complex when there’s a spouse or partner in the picture. Because you will share the bed with your significant other, you now have to satisfy not just your own needs, but theirs as well.

That being said, a couple can talk through the buying decision to ensure a win-win situation. Before going to a mattress sale, be sure to discuss the following matters.

The Bigger the Better

A lot of times, couples underestimate the amount of space they need when sleeping on the mattress. A sleeping person does a lot of involuntary movements, such as twisting and turning, or splaying out your arms and legs. If the mattress is too small, all this movement will likely disturb your partner and affect their quality of sleep. As such, it’s often a better idea to get the biggest mattress your budget (and room) will allow so you can enjoy all the space you want and need. Read more from this blog.


The Surprising Perks of Sleep and Why You Should Visit Mattress Stores


Sleep is the one thing most people should get more of. According to a Gallup Poll, about 40% of Americans get less than the ideal amount of sleep in a day–averaging just 6.8 hours.

This is hardly surprising, however, given the hectic pace of modern life. From the workplace to the home, there’s an endless parade of tasks to finish. It’s unfortunate, though, that when short on time, sleep is the first thing that is sacrificed. But, if you knew more of the many benefits of sleeping, perhaps you’d want to get more of it.

Better Health

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can increase your likelihood of developing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, among other serious ailments. Indeed, the longer you sleep, the better your chances of living longer. Read more from this blog:

Beat Back the Pain: A Reason to Drop by Mattress Sales in Sacramento

Following any of these tips will be good for your health, even if you do not actually suffer chronic back pain. It could even help you avoid experiencing the condition altogether. This is why, if, for reasons related to your job or schedule, you cannot devote yourself to doing the first three, you should at least try to accomplish the fourth point. It would be relatively easy to do so—nowadays, there are many sleep-support products on the market, ranging from beds to pillows, that are sold at mattress sales in Sacramento.

Studies show that newer designs of memory foam, latex-core organic, and advanced air mattresses help people sleep better. An air mattress, in particular, is beneficial as its firmness can be adjusted to match body weight and support the back. In turn, memory foam makes a sleeper more comfortable as it follows the contour of his or her body, relieving the back of pressure.

When Mattress Sales In Sacramento Translate to Longer-lasting Value

Residents of Sacramento, CA, may find it challenging to either stick to a mattress that has served them well over the years or find a new one altogether. The nation’s mattress industry is already posting modest gains, with a 3.5% year-on-year increase in August 2013, according to the International Sleep Products Association’s Bedding Barometer. At the same time, sellers like The Healthy Bed Store may take advantage of the development to offer you sweet, long-lasting deals on mattress sales in Sacramento.

The article stated that Consumer Reports ran a number of mattresses through a series of tests that simulated eight years of continuous use. The findings showed that the mattresses were as firm and plump as when they were first purchased. The watchdog already states that consumers who want to keep their mattress in good shape after so long a time can follow simple tips like not letting your children make a trampoline out of the bed and to rotate it 180° every two to three months.