Benefits and Advantages of Investing in Good Quality Latex Mattresses


There’s been a growing interest for latex mattresses in recent years due to consumers’ increasing preference for healthier materials. Natural latex foam products fit the bill nicely, leading more people to take it into serious consideration as an option for their own beds. If you’re one of those looking into it, here are some facts that can help you make the right decision.

What is Latex?

Latex is actually a rubber material that is suspended in water. The two types of rubber are the natural latex, which is what occurs naturally from the environment, and the SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), which is the man-made version. Latex products can either be 100% all natural or a blend of the two.

Types of Latex Materials

Typically, you’ll find two types of latex mattresses available on the market: the Dunlop-processed and Talalay-processed mattresses. In the Dunlop process, the mattress comes out much firmer. This is also the process commonly used in global production methods. Meanwhile, the Talalay process involves a highly controlled and sophisticated process, which produces the highest quality latex product. Read more from this article:



Find Out How Natural Latex Mattresses Help Improve People’s Sleep


Did you know that you will very likely spend 1/3 of your entire life sleeping? Did you also know that most regular mattresses have added chemicals that could get absorbed in system over time, and inhaling those chemicals can lead to asthma attacks, allergic reactions, hormone imbalances, fertility problems and other health-related issues? These are facts that you need to take into consideration when buying a mattress.

It’s important to ensure that your bedding choices help promote a healthy lifestyle. Choosing latex mattresses from Sacramento can make all the difference. Although a mattress may not necessarily cause health problems, choosing to use natural bedding options can reduce exposure to chemicals used in their manufacturing process. Read more from this article:


Key Qualities to Assess When Choosing High Quality Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses seem to have made a roaring comeback, but why? They have been around ever since the 1920’s, but their popularity dwindled once the more affordable innerspring mattress was invented. Now, though, consumers are jumping back on the bandwagon. If you’re in the same boat, there are some buying decisions you need to make.


In terms of comfort and support provided, you’ll want to assess foam density. The unit of measurement most manufacturers use to rank density is ILD (Identification Load Deflection). Although this term sounds complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to understand. Basically, it means the amount of weight it takes to depress one inch of latex when one square foot of weight is used.

The higher the ILD, the more firm it will be. Keep this in mind when trying to select a latex mattress that matches your preferences. Even though you can compare ILD numbers online, it’s a good idea to try mattresses of different ILDs out in person. You can see how firm or soft each one is until you find the perfect match. Read more from this blog.

Setting Appropriate Bed Heights for Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

Setting Memory Foam or Latex Mattresses to a Height that Suits You


Feng Shui specialists explain that there should be ample space between the floor and the bed, as this improves the flow of chi or positive energy throughout the room. If you can, avoid stuffing bulky things under the bed, and keep storage to a minimum. Your bedroom should be a haven for that much-deserved peace and quiet. Excess clutter may disrupt chi flow, and may even make you more stressed as you go to bed.

Whatever type of mattress you choose, and whatever height you set your mind to, the important thing is your bed should feel welcoming and relaxing. You should be able to get better sleep quality, so you feel well-rested and more energized to face each new morning. To learn more, talk to the experts in memory foam and latex mattresses today. Read more from this blog.

Some Important Questions to Ask When You Plan to Buy Latex Mattresses


Getting enough sleep is vital to your health. But if your current mattress is lumpy, sagging, or has protruding springs, it’s time to get a new one. Of course, there’s a myriad of mattress options out there and choosing the right one can be challenge. And when you consider that mattresses can cost a fair bit of money, your choice becomes even more crucial.

Fortunately, you can effectively narrow down your options by asking a series of simple questions.

What’s My Budget?

For most people, this will be the deciding factor when it comes to selecting a mattress. While there are certainly suitable mattresses at all price points, don’t settle for the cheapest one you’ll find. Investing in a high-quality, initially more expensive option like latex mattresses can be cheaper in the long run because you are less likely to replace it in the near future. Read more on this article.

Separating Fact from Fiction When it Comes to Natural Latex Mattresses


You probably know that you should get six to eight hours of sleep each night. Getting a good night’s sleep does wonders for our well-being (including improved memory, losing weight and even living longer).

Of course, what you sleep on affects your quality of sleep. In this regard, nothing trumps organic latex mattresses in Sacramento. Made from all-natural latex, these mattresses are void of any harmful chemicals that can cause allergies or aggravate existing conditions, such as asthma.

Still, there are many misconceptions surrounding organic latex mattresses because of their relative shortage in stores in the local the market. Following are just some myths that need to be busted. Read more from this blog: