4 Benefits of Sleeping with Your Legs Elevated on an Adjustable Base Bed


Walking, running, and standing for an extended period can strain the muscles in your legs and feet. Getting the proper amount of rest can help these key body parts recover and keep them at their optimum state. While sitting and lying down are excellent ways to relax your body, they may not be enough to allow your legs and feet to fully recuperate. Studies show that sleeping with your lower extremities elevated offers better relaxation as well as a number of health benefits. Here’s some benefits of why you should consider sleeping with your legs elevated after an exhausting day.

Sciatica May Happen to Anyone at Anytime

The longest nerve in your body, stretching from the back of your pelvis all the way down to your feet, the sciatic nerve is susceptible to all kinds of damage caused by compression. Irritation on the nerve may lead to lower back pain, leg pain, and even numbness in the legs and feet. This can be prevented or treated by sleeping on your back while your knees are elevated. Read more from this blog: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/4-benefits-of-sleeping-with-your-legs-elevated-on-an-adjustable-base-bed


Health and Other Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base


An adult should ideally get seven to eight hours of sleep. It’s not just the number of hours that you should pay attention to, however, but also the quality of sleep within this time. Many people often find themselves feeling exhausted first thing in the morning even though they got their required number of hours of sleep.

This can result in grogginess, lack of alertness, and even moodiness in general. In this case, the problem may not necessarily be with the amount of time sleeping but how comfortable your bed is in the first place. If you’re experiencing these issues, you may want to consider getting an adjustable bed base. Read more from this article: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/health-and-other-benefits-of-an-adjustable-bed-base

Helpful Tips on Investing in an Adjustable Bed Base for Sleep Quality


It’s a common sight to behold: couples engaging in a tug of war over blankets, tossing and turning on the bed trying to find that perfect position. While one is ready for some serious shuteye the other is still watching TV, reading a book, or surfing on their mobile device. Two people occupying the same bed engaging in two different levels of activity can definitely cause some issues.

If you and your partner would like to have a much more amicable bed time without keeping each other from their own nightly rituals, you’re probably ready to upgrade to an adjustable bed base. It’s convenient, comfortable, and custom enough for two people to peacefully co-exist on the same bed. Read more from this blog: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/helpful-tips-on-investing-in-an-adjustable-bed-base-for-sleep-quality

Reasons to Invest in an Adjustable Bed Base to Improve Sleep Quality


Have you ever woken up feeling worse than when you went to bed? Do you wake up feeling sore and exhausted as opposed to feeling refreshed even though you just spent the past seven or eight hours sleeping?

This could be because the bed that you’re lying on is not providing you with the most optimal position for comfort. Note, we are talking about the optimal position not the comfort level of your mattress. You may be happy with the comfort level of your mattress but the issue could be your sleep position. You might want to consider getting an adjustable bed base to improve your sleep quality. Here are some reasons why you consider one, not just for comfort but also the improvement of your overall health.

Read more here: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/reasons-to-invest-in-an-adjustable-bed-base-to-improve-sleep-quality

Dealing with Sleep Deprivation—Using Adjustable Base Bed and Other Tips


According to the American Sleep Association, 50 to 70 million American adults have a sleep disorder. Unfortunately, only very few of them consider their condition as a serious problem. The rest have already made it part of their lifestyle, believing that it won’t affect them anymore once they get used to it.

In truth, sleep plays a crucial role in a person’s physical health. It helps speed up healing of wounds as well as repair damage on blood vessels. Therefore, a person suffering from a certain degree of sleep deprivation is in serious trouble.

Before sleep deprivation can be dealt with, one must first know its origin. There are many things people do and experience every day that may be causing their insufficient or lack of sleep. Here are some of the most common reasons. Read more from this article: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/dealing-with-sleep-deprivation-using-adjustable-base-bed-and-other-tips.

Getting an Adjustable Base Bed and Other Sleeping Tips for Couples


There are some people who would still be more comfortable sleeping on their own rather than have someone sleep beside them. This arrangement can be problematic for couples, though, when sharing a bed. Doing so, however, does not mean you’ll have to give up your personal space, or sacrifice your personal comforts.

Here are some things you can do to keep the peace even as you share your bed with another person—tossing and turning issues aside.

Get an Adjustable Base Bed

You’re familiar with this scenario altogether: you’re ready for some shuteye, but your partner still clearly isn’t, tossing and turning on their side of the bed. Inevitably, your attempts to fall asleep also fail. You tell them to please mind their movements, but even the littlest adjustment in their position and movements jolt you awake. Read more from this article: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/getting-an-adjustable-base-bed-and-other-sleeping-tips-for-couples.

Three Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying an Adjustable Base Bed


While adjustable beds have become more affordable and generally accessible to consumers, it can still be a sizable investment in your well-being. When buying an adjustable base bed, carefully consider your needs and preferences first. Otherwise, you’ll end up with buyer’s remorse. Here’s what you need to avoid when you make way to your local mattress store.

Getting the Wrong Kind of Mattress

Some people get too caught up in buying their first adjustable bed and don’t spend enough time focusing on the mattress. Keep in mind that not all mattresses are ideal to use with an adjustable base bed. It needs to be flexible enough to conform to the contour of the frame and durable enough to withstand the repeated compressions of the adjustable bases. For this reason, a mattress with springs is a poor fit. Your best choices are a memory foam or a pure latex mattress with at least 10-14 inches of thickness. Both offer enough flexibility, firmness, support and comfort especially for someone with a bad back. Read more from this article: https://healthybedstore.com/blogs/blog/three-common-mistakes-consumers-make-when-buying-an-adjustable-base-bed