You spend nearly one third of your life asleep on your mattress, so it’s vital that whenever you buy a new one, you buy the right one. With the rapid emergence of online retail stores, it is becoming easier to buy whatever you want online, and that includes mattresses. The question is, how do you know that you are buying the right mattress?

While there tends to be little difference in the mattresses found from online retailers and those at mattress stores, each purchase option does have its benefits.

Buying in Store

This is the traditional place to go to buy your new mattress. Stores stock dozens of mattresses on display which allows you to see each one in person and get an idea of their size and shape. The biggest benefit of visiting mattress stores is that you can sample the mattresses before committing to a purchase. As any mattress salesperson will tell you, it is a good idea to make sure the mattress gives you the proper support and comfort that you need—something you cannot do when you buy online. Read more on this article:

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